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Singapore Maltese Club Objectives:

v     To improvement & promote the general welfare of the breed  

v     To enhance the role of purebreds in the Singapore society 

v     To encourage members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed as approved by the Singapore Kennel Club as the only standard of distinction by which Maltese shall be judged 

v     To do all in its power to protect and advance the interest of the breed by encouraging sportsmanship competition at dog shows and obedience trials 

v     To foster and encourage education of the general public  

v     To meet a social responsibility to the general public and its members 

v     To bind Maltese enthusiast together to promote fellowship in the Singapore Dog community. 


v     The Club shall not be conducted or operated for profit and no part of any profits or remainder or residue from dues or donations to the Club shall not be used to the benefit of any member or individual.


Singapore Maltese Club Codes of Ethics:

The code of ethics is designed as a guide for all members, breeders and potential breeders to follow, with the welfare of the breed being most important in mind.

 SECTION 1 (General)

v     Members should abide by and uphold the principles of the Club's Constitution and this code of Ethics  

v     Members should provide adequate diet and exercise, and veterinary care and supervision to their Maltese. 

v     The Maltese should be kept in clean comfortable conditions, the well being of the dog being of paramount importance. 

v     All dogs should bear some recognized means of identification. 

v     If any Maltese should need to be put down, it should be done in a most humane manner by a veterinarian. It should not be done at a dog pound nor should they be left alive at any other places.  

SECTION 2 (Breeders and Potential Breeders) 

v     Only dogs and bitches of good quality and type should be used for breeding, and breeding purely for commercial reasons or without serious purpose should be discouraged. 

v     As a member of the Singapore Maltese Club, members should breed to the ideals of the Maltese standard and should act in accordance to the objectives and purposes of the SMC. 

v     Members should keep alert for and endeavor to control or eradicate inherited problems that are particular to the breed. Members should strive to screen their breeding stock for hereditary problems. 

v     A dog or bitch, which has or is carrying an inherited health problem, should not knowingly be bred. 

v     A bitch should not produce more than six litters during her lifetime, nor should bred from over the recommended age of eight. 

v     She should not be bred before her second season and if she produces 20 or more puppies in her first four litters, should be retired from breeding. 

v     Stud dog owners have a great responsibility towards the breed and should enquire before accepting bookings, the reason for the mating, ensuring it is in the breeds interest. 

v     Both stud dogs and bitches should be in good healthy and conform as close to the breed standards prior and at the time of mating. 

v     Puppies should receive quality health care and nutrition. They should be handled regularly, properly socialized, and accustomed to human contact. 

v     Breeders should not sell a puppy before it has been given a veterinarian health examination and has received at least one vaccination / inoculation against distemper, hepatitis and parvo. A puppy should remain in the breeders possession until at least 12 weeks of age. 

v     The breeder should ensure that prospective purchasers are able to provide a fit and proper home for a Maltese. 

v     Puppies should be wormed thoroughly and in good health before sale. All paperwork associated with the puppy, example vaccination certificate (if any), pedigree, SKC membership and health record(s) with data on veterinary attention, should accompany the puppy together with a comprehensive guide to feeding, general care, grooming and a receipt of sale detailing any special agreements, which should be signed by both parties. 

v     Breeders should undertake at the time of sale to accept back any dog, or ensure it is comfortably re-homed if the purchasers initial circumstances change. 

v     Breeders should always be prepared to give advice and guidance during the dogs lifetime. 


v     Members should not speak with dishonor of another member or seek to impair the reputation of another 

v     Members should abide by the laws stipulated by the AVA. When in public places, dogs should be leashed and under the control of a handler at all times. Members are also responsible to clear and properly dispose of any foulings by their dogs. 

v     Members should be courteous and helpful to novice and the general public who have approached them with regards to information pertaining to the Maltese breed and Club. 

v     Brutality and Mistreatment towards the dogs are intolerable.  When showing or training their dogs, members should use only the most humane method.  

v     Members should obey the rules, regulations and policies pertaining to the club. Upon proof of violations, members should assume the risk of suspension and disciplinary action imposed by the SMC. 

v     Members should understand that failure to comply with this Code of Ethics would subject them to possible suspension or expulsion from the SMC.

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